Wound Healing Laboratory

The Wound Biology and Biofilm Lab is focused on using new therapies to heal chronic wounds.  We have developed novel biomaterials to use as cell carriers, and are examining the role of new agents in wound repair.


Please see these recent publications:

Lin, Y.-C.; Grahovac, T.L.; Oh, S.J.; Ieraci, M.N.; Rubin, J.P.; Marra, K.G.* “Evaluation of a Multi-layer Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Sheet in a Full-thickness Wound Healing Model,” Acta Biomater., 2013, 9(2):5243-5250. PMCID:PMC23022891


McLaughlin, M.M.; Marra, K.G.* “Commentary: The Use of Adipose-derived Stem Cells as Sheets for Wound Healing,” Organogenesis, 2013, 1;9(2). PMCID: PMC23764648 [Commentary]


Cherubino, M.; Rubin, J.P.; Miljkovic, N.D.; Kelmendi-Doko, A.; Marra, K.G.* “Adipose-derived Stem Cells for Wound Healing Applications,” Annals of Plastic Surgery, 2011, 66(2):210-215. [Review]


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