Danielle Minteer

Danielle Minteer, B.S.
Graduate Student
I am a second-year graduate student at Pitt and am working towards my PhD in
My hometown is New Castle, PA – home of the Runnin’ Red Hurricanes! I attended New Castle
Jr./Sr. High School and, in 2006, I graduated and began my undergraduate career
at the University of Pittsburgh. In May 2010, I received my Bachelor of Science
degree in Bioengineering with minors in Chemistry and Polymer Engineering, as
well as a concentration in Cellular and Medical Product
Current Projects:
1.    Developing a protocol for uniform adipose tissue growth
within a three-dimensional hollow fiber-based bioreactor and studying the system
as a potential model for diabetic drug therapies.
2.    Optimizing
carbon nanotube threads within a poly caprolactone nerve guide for peripheral
nerve regeneration. I am also involved with the other various nerve regeneration
projects in our lab.
Previous Projects:
My first project in the lab was in 2007 with Dr. Natasa Miljkovic developing a
reproducible protocol for generating an osteochondral articular cartilage defect
in a female rat knee. We then designed and fabricated a new artificial matrix in
the form of a hydrogel to be used as a carrier of growth factors and/or
adipose-derived stem cells for cartilage repair. The following summer, I studied
the chondrogenic and osteogenic effects of BMP-7 in adipose-derived stem
The next two years of my undergraduate research focused on peripheral nerve regeneration. My
junior year, I helped Dr. Lauren Kokai with her PhD thesis by using a MATLAB
code to analyze the gait kinematics of induced peripheral nerve damage in the
hind limb of rats. I further worked to stain, image, and analyze the
histological results. My senior year of undergraduate work, I analyzed the
neural extension of PC12 cells into thermo-sensitive hyaluronic acid gels for
use in peripheral nerve repair as well as optimized a protocol for culturing
Schwann cells
Miljkovic, N.D.; Lin, Y.-C.; Cherubino, M.; Minteer, D.;Marra, K.G.*“A Novel
Injectable Hydrogel in Combination with a Surgical Sealant in a Rat
Osteochondral Defect Model
,” Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy,2009,17(11):1326-1331.
Personal Interests:
I like coffee, music, running,
baseball, Skittles, and Sidney Crosby!
J I am a member of Biomedical
Engineering Society and Society for Biomaterials.

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