Blog #7 How to Overcome your Pet Peeves

Blog #7  How to Overcome your Pet Peeves


Hello everyone,

This weekend I was talking to my wonderful nephew Michael about pet peeves and teaching.  After he told me about his pet peeve (high school kids asking to go to the restroom in the middle of his lectures), I told him that he needs to eradicate that pet peeve, especially since he’s a teacher and will no doubt encounter this for the next 40 years!

As I thought about both my advice to Michael and my own pet peeves (which I will happily list below–the humorous part of the blog!), I thought, how could I get rid of my pet peeves (and the helpful part of the blog!)?  So here we go.

Pet peeve #1:  Skinny women who complain that they need to lose weight.  How do I overcome this pet peeve?  As I continue to surround myself with my beautiful and skinny friends and co-workers, I realize that I will encounter this probably for another 10 or 20 years.  One suggestion:  totally agree with these delusional women and offer them some dieting tips!  (instead of the usual reply:  you do not need to lose any weight!).  Suggest Jenny Craig. That response may in fact stop them from this fake complaining in the future. 

Pet peeve #2: Any bodily noise.  This includes loud breathing, sneezing, coughing, chewing, slurping, and annoying laughter.  This pet peeve proves challenging as I work near the hospital environment and on the 16th floor of the BST.  How can I overcome this?  How can I stop telling random heavy breathers in the elevator at work to take the breathing down a notch?  I do understand that some people have legitimate reasons for sneezing (maybe allergies? some odd nasal birth defect?), so all I can do is sneeze when they sneeze.  Cough when they cough.  I know it doesn’t make much sense, but it is really the only solution I have right now.

Last pet peeve (#3): Leaving holiday decorations up after the holiday is over.  I know there a  lot of people who are very busy, and don’t get a chance to take down their Halloween, Christmas, Easter decorations in a timely fashion.   And to those people, I put a curse on you!  Just kidding. I don’t really believe in voodoo that much.  By the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, and I still see lighted reindeer in the yards, I want to pack up the decorations for those people.  And you all know who you are.  All I can do to overcome this pet peeve is create a situation for the homeowner that has rendered them unable to de-decorate, such as being called to be on the Biggest Loser for 12 weeks.

Now, for the rare person who is an offender of all 3 of my pet peeves (the heavy breathing anorexic with your pumpkins still on your porch), please avoid me if you can!

Have a great day!



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