Blog #6 Why No Food is Allowed in My Husband’s Car

Blog #6 Why No Food is Allowed  in My Husband’s Car


Today’s blog should be funny, I hope!  It’s a great story that involves both food and romance.  Let me set the scene.  It’s a warm summer night in Pittsburgh, and my brother had just gotten married at a church in Mt. Washington followed by a cruise on the Gateway Clipper.  Nice, right!  I had really, really enjoyed myself that night.   Although there was one scary moment when I had to give myself the Heimlich maneuver when I was choking on some ham!  Back to the story.  The night ended, and on the drive home, I realized I needed some nachos.  This is a common occurrence for me and should not surprise anyone.  My husband said “NO! I don’t want you spilling food in my new car.”  I said “I PROMISE I won’t spill the nachos.  Please please please take me to Taco Bell.”  He said “No way!”  I said ” I really PROMISE I will absolutely not spill any food!”  So, of course he finally said yes and we went through the drive-thru.  Nachos supreme!! Yeah!  Best day ever!

Now here is where the story takes a turn.  And not for the good.  We are getting back on the highway and somehow, all the nachos spill off my lap.  I can’t even believe it.  My first reaction is to hide it.  I try shoving the nachos under the seat.  Somehow, Sherlock Holmes Bill figures it out.  So my next move is DENIAL.  I tell him that he only thinks that I spilled the nachos.  He is pretty adamant that I am not telling the truth.  What is my next move?  REMORSE.  I tell him that I am SO SO SO sorry, and that it will never happen again!  I also remind him of my undying love for him.  He seems to have forgiven me.  Then the kicker.  I ask him to turn around and go back for some new nachos!! (He said no).

And that is why no one is allowed to eat food in my husband’s car!

Have a great day!



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