Blog #5 10-11-11 The Google Generation

Blog #5   The Google Generation


Today’s youth is called the Google Generation.  At first I thought I made that up, but when I googled it, I see that the term has been around for awhile.  Why am I thinking about these turd nuggets?  (that, by the way, is a lovely phrase I learned from my 12-year-old daughter!).  I have 2 major thoughts on this generation, aka our youth (ages 10-25).  This generation is 1) extremely bright, and 2) unusually affectionate.

Others may argue that this generation is actually not-so-smart, but I tend to disagree.  These guys have the power and the technology to find out absolutely anything within seconds.  If we ask them how much President Taft weighed, they can get us that information in less than one minute (332 lbs!).  When I was a teenager, it may have taken a day or so, involving a trip to the library.  This generation has potential to learn so much at a young age.  The young age is key, because they can retain all this information…they are sponges!  For me, if you ask me tomorrow how much President Taft weighed at his heaviest, there is a good chance that I already forgot!

Regarding the highly affectionate nature of the google generation, what is up with that? Both my oldest son and daughter routinely are telling people they love them, they hug them, they are married to many people on Facebook.  I do not recall being so lovey dovey in high school.  College, well, that’s a topic for another blog!  But no one has any personal space anymore.  I have a big bubble around me.  Stay out of it.

That’s it for today.  Just a little reflecting on the next generation.  A very lucky generation!  Hugs and kisses to all of them!!  ~Kacey


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