Blog #23 Thanksgiving 2012

Blog #23  Thanksgiving 2012: Thankful for my children, even the teenagers

So everyone has been posting what they’ve been thankful for all month long.  This is on Facebook, which is now ‘for old people’ according to my 13-yr-old daughter LeeAnna.  Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter are in.  Anyway, I’m obviously thankful for my family.  Who isn’t, right?  I spend most of my time criticizing and yelling at my kids, so I thought I would take this opportunity to let them know why they are so great!

Firstborn: Ethan, age 15.  Ethan is incredibly intelligent, very kind, and full of good humor.  He has an amazing musical talent that I like to think comes from me!  (but it doesn’t!) He can play the drums as good as Ringo Starr, Chad Smith, and Neil Peart combined.  He just started playing the bass guitar, and already he’s better than a really good guitarist in a good band.  He will probably have a career that involves public speaking as he is a natural speaker.  He is very loyal to his friends, and a great big brother.  He recently became a lector at our church, and he is the best lector in the USA!  He is doing extremely well in high school, and has been able to find some very good friends.  He is a lot of fun to be around.

Middle child: LeeAnna, age 13. LeeAnna is perhaps the most beautiful teenager in Pennsylvania, or actually the world.  She has eyes that are so dark you can’t see her pupils.  And she is constantly complimented on her thick, luxurious, curly hair (that takes her about an hour and 15 minutes to straighten).  Beyond her gorgeous looks, you find an intelligent, personable, generous person. She is one of those people where being smart just comes naturally.  I don’t think she realizes that the 5 minutes she spends on her homework is because she is so incredibly smart!   LeeAnna is an excellent dancer (I think I’ll claim that gene!).  And finally, one of her best traits is her thick skin.  She is able to take all the crap from teenage girls (and from me) and let it roll right off her back.

Youngest child: Nicholas, age 6. Last but definitely not least is Nick.  His main goal in life is to make us laugh! And he does, on a very regular basis!  He loves school, especially science.  He also loves to read and play with Legos.  He likes to play Minecraft on the computer, and he’s very tech savvy.  He loads (and deletes) apps on the iPad on a daily basis.  He loves his family very much, and was blessed with a very big heart!  I have to start writing down all of his funny comments so he can appreciate them himself one day!

I am extremely blessed with my children (and my wonderful husband, parents, brother, in laws, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins!!).  I love them all!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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