Blog #21The Bad Luck Traveler

Blog #21 The Bad Luck Traveler


This past year has proven to be challenging regarding both my air and ground transportation.  I fly about twice a month for work, and generally do not have any problems.  But lately, I’ve had cancelled flights, delayed flights, and missing luggage.  While I tend to maintain my cheerful and optimistic disposition during these instances, it sometimes can be challenging.  Such as this morning, when the spring on my garage door broke, and I was unable to get my car out of the garage.  Or last week when it was so foggy in Pittsburgh that the plane that was supposed to take me to Newark couldn’t land and was diverted to Cleveland.  Or the week before when my connecting flight in Philadelphia to Quebec City was cancelled, and I had to stay overnight in Philly.  Or the month before when I arrived in Vienna, but my luggage did not.  

All of my traveling bad luck started in May, when I was driving cautiously and carefully down the road in my neighborhood, and for no reason whatsoever, a police officer pulled up behind me with his lights on.  I pulled over to let him pass.  But instead he pulled up behind me!  I had my daughter and younger son in the car, and I told them not to worry, the cop must have a question for me.  He comes up to my window and says the usual “do you know why I pulled you over?”  Now in retrospect, I admit this is the part where I probably should’ve answered differently.  But I said “I have no idea why you pulled me over. I’m driving perfectly.”  Yes, I actually said perfectly.  Which I was!  He seemed surprised by my answer.  I elaborated.  “I am driving slowly, I stopped completely at the stop signs, we’re all wearing seatbelts, and I’m not texting.”  He said “do you know how fast you were going?”  I said “No, but I know it was slow.”  He said “30 mph.”  I said “Ok.”  I knew I was driving slowly.  I can run faster than 30 mph. I give him a look as if to say “I told you I was going slowly. What’s your problem?” My daughter whispers “just start crying!”  I am not going to cry.  If anyone should be crying, it should be the cop. 

He asks me “do you know what the speed limit is?”  I said “25?”  I am showing zero remorse at this stage, and in fact, I’m a little mad that he has interrupted my day for going 5 mph over the speed limit!  So then he seems to sense my irritation and proceeds to get mad too.  He literally yells at me “IT’S 15 MPH!!!!!”  I said “what?!?!  This is not a school zone, are you kidding me?”  Again, I don’t know where this attitude is coming from.  It’s so unlike me. So he proceeds to give me a citation, which sounds way better than a ticket.  My daughter said that he mentioned it was not any points.  So I don’t really mind. The socialist in me likes to contribute to my township.  I’m sure they could use the money.  So I pay that day and then a week later, I get a letter from PennDOT.  THREE POINTS ON MY LICENSE!!!!  I can’t believe it.  I called PennDOT, and after 30 minutes on hold, I tell the lady that there’s been an error in the system.  No way should I have 3 points because the cop told me that there were NO points.  She checks, and sure enough, I have 3 stupid points.  That was 5 months ago.  I only have 7 more months of safe driving until the points are erased from my record.  If I get 3 more points, then I’ll have to take a written exam to have 2 points erased.  So that is great news for Western PA residents…a very safe driver is out there (at least until May!!).

Wish me better traveling luck everyone!  My next trip is not until January, so I have some time to accrue some good luck!

Have a great day and safe travels!



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