Blog #17: My First Visit to MedExpress

Blog  #17:  My First Visit to MedExpress


Hi everyone!  It’s been a busy August, trying to catch up from my July vacation and preparing for the fall semester.  But, I’m back with an entertaining story.  Warning, it’s a little TMI.  If you don’t like to hear about bladders and pee, then you might want to stop reading right now!

Thank you to those who have kept reading!  As you can guess from the title, I visited MedExpress last night.  It may surprise many of you who know that I am a complete hypochondriac that I’ve never been there.  But you have to realize that I work at UPMC….the doctor capital of the world.  Experts in every field are in my sights every day!  I usually take care of my ailment right there in Oakland.  But yesterday, it was after hours and I was already home in Canonsburg, so I didn’t have too many options.

I’ve always been hesitant to go to MedExpress. I envisioned an entire waiting room full of sick people and long waits.  But, it was almost an emergency.  Yesterday afternoon I ate Chinese food from Szechuan Express.  I saw YenChih (my post-doc) and his wife Jing there.  I ordered pork fried rice and took it to my office.  Around 2:00, I had to really pee.  But nothing happened.  I immediately thought I was having a reaction to the MSG in my authentic food.  And somehow I was blaming poor Yen for my discomfort (sorry Yen!).    I was beginning to feel like I did at college parties when you had to wait in line for 10 minutes to use the bathroom.  I thought my bladder might implode.  Somehow I made it home but was MISERABLE.  I had to drive with my legs crossed.  That is not easy.  I don’t recommend it, especially if you’re not well-known for your driving skills.  (Those of you on the Parkway West yesterday, consider this an official apology for my crazy driving!).  Just kidding.  I’m a great driver.

Anyways, I get home and I start googling my symptoms.  It’s immediately apparent to me that I may have something extremely serious and need medical attention immediately.  I did my daily symptom checker on the Mayo Clinic site, and it was only bad news.  My husband Bill came home from work, and said I should go to MedExpress.  He then said they were going to order a pizza, and I’ll see him later.  WHAT?!?  Was Bill seriously thinking of letting me go alone?  First of all, I was almost in a coma, and secondly, I had never been there.  He’s the MedExpress pro.  He’s been there at least twice.    I couldn’t believe he wasn’t going to accompany me.  Needless to say, Bill ended up going with me.

We get to MedExpress and absolutely no one is in the waiting room. Now I have a bad feeling.  Like when you go to a restaurant and you are the only people there! This can’t be good.  I sign and pay my stupid co-pay (which I complain about for no good reason), and get to see the doctor in less than 5 minutes.  He asks me how long I’ve had these symptoms.  I said since 2.  He said 2 days or 2 weeks? I said since 2:00 today!!!   He seemed a little surprised!  But my philosophy is why suffer needlessly? It is a UTI.  So I get some antibiotics and another medicine to help with my symptoms.  But the dr warns me that it turns my pee bright orange, and my contacts too.  He suggested I remove my contacts for a couple of days. Why on earth would I not want orange eyes??  Ill be sleeping in my contacts!  The orange color is kind of cool (see photo below…not of my pee, but of the sun!)

In conclusion, I am starting to feel better already.  : )

Have a great day!



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