Blog #16: Work Hard. Play Hard. Vacation Harder.

Blog #16: Work Hard. Play Hard. Vacation Harder.


This past week was spent at the beach! We look forward to this week all year long. We have gone to the same beach for the past 4 years: Garden City, SC. It is about 15 miles south of Myrtle Beach. It’s a smaller, less crowded beach next to Murrell’s Inlet. We have gone with Bill’s sister Missy and her family every year. This year we also went with our friends Ed and Cindy. There were 16 of us total and it was a blast! But I’d like to focus this blog on Nick’s vacation experience, as it was the most entertaining of all!

It started the day before we left and Nick (who is 6 years old), packed his own suitcase and asked that no one look in it due to privacy. Of course I secretly looked in it to make sure there was nothing perishable. Half of his suitcase was filled with beach toys. The other half included 3 bathing suits, one PJ bottoms, a shirt, and a pair of underwear. There was a snorkel (which he calls snarkel) and his XBox controller. Not too bad! The car ride down was pretty uneventful. He watched Star Wars Episode III and laughed during the entire movie (I had no idea it was a comedy!). He was very excited to get to the beach. When we arrived, he immediately put on his suit and was ready for the beach!

The humor begins when his relatives, who will remain nameless, decided to teach Nick some funny phrases. For example, his aunt bought him an innertube, and when I pulled it out of the box, I said “Wow this is really big!” and Nick immediately replied “That’s what she said!” I know he doesn’t realize why that was funny, but once he realized everyone laughed at it, that’s pretty much all he said. In addition to phrases such as “Everyone be quiet, I need some shuteye!” And a word that I think he made up: ” inkpoop.” That word really caught on. He wrote that down when we were playing the Game of Things one night. That was a fun night. All of us had schemed to mention our niece Sarah’s new “Kobe voice.” This is the high-pitched voice she uses when talking to her new puppy, Kobe. Ethan made up the category: “Name something obnoxious” and nearly everyone referenced Sarah’s dog voice (LeeAnna and Katherine didn’t…either they forgot or they have a strong allegiance to their cousin!) So Nick spent the rest of week saying “Kobe Kobe Kobe” in a very high-pitched voice. Sarah is a good sport and knows that we did that with only love in our hearts!

Nick eating frog legs and loving them!

We are very lucky to be able to spend a week at the beach with friends and family, and the countdown is already on for next year!! In the meantime, however, I have a new countdown: 149 days til Christmas!

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