Blog #15 Bad Things Always Happen in Three’s

Blog #15  Bad Things Always Happen in Three’s


Hello everyone!

After last week’s serious blog, I’m back with a little humor.  As the title indicates, I am slightly superstitious.  I knock on wood at least once a day, I hate the #13 (and I stay indoors on Friday the 13th, which is next week!), I avoid black cats, and I am a firm believer that bad things always happen in 3’s.

For example, on Wed, the fourth of July, we awoke to a slightly warm house.  Our air conditioner was not working.  We called my dad Jack, who can fix absolutely anything.  Fortunately he was skipping the parade this year and was able to come right over.  And as I thought, the capacitor had exploded.  Jack and Bill hunted down a guy in Cecil who had a capacitor in his truck, and bought it (for what appears to be double the market price, but that’s okay).  A/C was fixed by noon!  Woohoo!

That was #1.

The A/C continued to run, and run, and run, trying to cool down the house.  We awoke the next morning, Thursday the 5th, to a slightly warm house again.  I called Jack, and he was there within 20 minutes.  And as I expected, the fan motor had blown!  I called several places and the same guy who sold us the capacitor from his truck happened to be at the Lennox parts store, and picked up a fan motor for us.  Again, I’m pretty sure he made a little profit, but that’s okay.  My dad installed the new motor, and by 2:30, we were back in business!

That was #2.

Now you’re all probably very curious as to what could have happened today.  Well, it wasn’t the A/C.  It was the hot water tank.  It sprang a leak.  Seriously.  So, we called Jack, but he’s golfing!  How crazy is he golfing on this incredibly hot day?  But I’m not going to judge him.  He is our handyman, after all.  And I know my mom shows him my blogs, so I really have to be careful.  It is our hope that he will be able to fix the leak after golfing, and then that should be it for a little while.  (But really, it’s going to be 100 degrees today…who the heck golfs when it’s 100 degrees?!?)

Stay cool everyone!



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