Blog #14 Deck2012: The Evolution of a Masterpiece

Blog #14  Deck2012: The Evolution of a Masterpiece


Hello everyone!  Happy July 1st!

It has been a hot summer so far, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to cool down anytime soon.  It’s  perfect weather to enjoy our new deck!  I have an image below of the finished deck, but I would also like to direct everyone to a website that has a slide show of the complete makeover:

This project was a collaboration between the Locke and Marra families, with a few friends as well.  It took us about 6 weeks, working only on the weekends and evenings.  Here is a before photo of our concrete patio:

We had built a deck on our previous house (with help from the Locke’s) and so we were not content with a block of cement!  We invited our brother-in-law Mike Locke over and asked him to envision a new deck.  It did not take Mike long at all and he quickly sketched out 600 square feet of a decking for us.  Mike then spent his weekends in the brutal heat building the frame, adding the decking, and finally the stairs and railing.  We had help from his A-team:  Michael, Sarah, Jake and Chris Manly.  My brother Erik spent many many hours helping us as well.  And our friend Ron Lesko spent a several days sweating in the sun digging and decking!  Even Ethan, LeeAnna and Nick helped out, and recruited their friends as well (thanks Jesse, Alex and Lovell!).  And we were cheered on by Craig and Rocco next door, who offered their verbal support each weekend!  ; )  We also thank Missy for lending us her husband (again!).

We are very grateful for all of the help, and are so pleased with the final product:

(note: I tried to keep this blog serious so I did not talk about the day I fell in one of the post holes!)

If anyone would like to receive a deck quote/consultation from Mike Locke, please visit his site:

Have a great day everyone!



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