Blog #13 Locked in a Lactation Room

Blog #13 Locked in a Lactation Room



Hello everyone!  I have been quite busy with work, kids, and building a deck, but have some time today to talk about a number of embarrassing things that have happened to me lately!  On the list: falling in a big hole while working on the deck, getting  a speeding ticket for going a mere 30 mph, using a self tanning spray and then being called an oompa loompa by 2 of my BFFs (thank you Jeni and Nina!), and finally, being locked in a lactation room at Pitt for over an hour yesterday!

Obviously this has been a crazy 2 weeks for me!  Thank goodness I am not easily embarrassed.  I will only discuss the lactation room incident today as I am sure that I will have more deck stories to tell by the time we’re done building it, and the speeding ticket story still gets my blood boiling (and I’m sure I’ll have another run-in with the law soon enough and can blog about them together!)

A little background on the lactation room story.  I am chair of a committee at Pitt that has been examining, among other things, the availability of lactation rooms to the University community.  That involves identifying current locations of lactation rooms, allowing nursing mothers to pump throughout the day. I happened to come across a brand new room on my way to my office on Tuesday.  I stopped in to check it out.  It was wonderful!  Two recliners, a screen, a small fridge, nice pictures on the walls.  It is very small (it appears to be a remodeled utility closet) but it is going to be great for the nursing mothers in the nearby buildings.  I was curious if the room could lock from the inside, giving the mothers privacy.  So I shut the door (which had been propped open by a doorstop).  After it closed, it would not open!!  I went through all the stages….disbelief, denial, panic!  I didn’t really panic though.  I first tried everything I could to escape.  The windows were sealed shut, and there was no screwdriver around for me to unscrew the door knob or hinge.  So I started banging on the door.  Apparently no one was walking by (or they were ignoring me!).  So I wrote a note that said “Help, I’m trapped in the lactation room!  Please call security!” and slipped it under the door.  No takers.  Next I started calling my lab members.  Meg answered first, but she was still on the bus.  I tried Yen.  No answer.  I tried Jaci.  No answer.  They were both in the midst of experiments.  I then tried Jolene.  She answered!!  Yeah!  But when I tried to explain what was going on, she didn’t seem to really believe me.  After some convincing, she finally believed that I was indeed locked in a nearby closet and needed help!

I am so grateful to Jolene for finding me and tracking down help!  First she called security.  They did not have any keys that would open the door.  They called the janitors.  No keys either. They called Engineering and Maintenance.  No keys. They called the Carpenters (not the band).  Finally, one of the crew of 8 people outside the door was able to open it.  In the meantime, I had recorded a video diary on my iPhone for my family in case I never made it out (I will try to upload it below).  I had also caught up on all of my Draw Something games, so that was definitely not time wasted.

It was an interesting start to the day, but I made it through. I may need a little therapy now, but I’m pretty sure I needed therapy before my entrapment!

[This new lactation room should be available to nursing mothers by the end of the summer]

Have a great day everyone!




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