Blog #12 I’ve been on a diet for 18 years

 Blog #12 I’ve been on a diet for 18 years


Hello everyone!  It’s been awhile since my last blog.  I have been very busy this past semester.  But now summer is just around the corner and I’m looking forward to a little more free time!

Today’s topic is dieting.  As the title indicates, I have been on a diet for a very long time.  The dieting officially began the year before my wedding.  I wanted to look as great as possible in my wedding gown in 1994.  I did not diet during my first pregnancy, and gained 38 lbs.  I didn’t lose it all because we knew when Ethan turned 1, we wanted to have another baby.  I was more careful during my second pregnancy and only gained 22 lbs.  After LeeAnna I was on the South Beach diet and lost all of my baby weight!  But it’s very challenging to avoid carbs forever. After my third pregnancy, (gaining 25 lbs), I tried various diets, but turning 40 is tough!  My metabolism has definitely slowed down.  Actually, it may be gone!

But starting today, I am on the 75 DAY DIET!  I chose 75 days because that is exactly how many days until our summer vacation!  This is going to be a strict diet: No sweets, no alcohol, very low carbs, and no snacks.  And  plenty of exercise.  I do belong to a gym and go to classes pretty regularly.  But I’m going to step it up and work out at home too!

I would like to chronicle my journey on this blog, but I think many people would not find it too interesting.  Too bad.  I’m going to blog about it anyway!  I will record my weight loss (fingers crossed!) and also confess if I cheat.  I am going to allow myself one cheat meal every 7 days.

I will definitely need the support of my friends and family.  Wish me luck!  And send me your dieting tips.  I need them!!  (And happy birthday to my awesome brother today!)

Have a great day!




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