Blog #11 Why I Live in Pittsburgh

Blog #11 Why I Live in Pittsburgh


Hello everyone!  USA Today recently listed the top ten reasons to visit Pittsburgh:

Here is a summary of the list:

1. Bridges, bridges and more bridges

2. Andy Warhol and the Andy Warhol Museum

3. ANTHROCON (The Furry Convention)

4. Films on location

5. Kennywood Park

6. Forbes Field Wall

7. Mr. Rogers

8. Primanti Bros

9. Reality TV

10. Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller

I actually have my own list of reasons to visit (and reside in!) Pittsburgh.

1. We are the City of Champions.  There is no question about that.  The Steelers and the Penguins are AMAZING!  And let me be one of the first to predict that this year, the Pirates will win the WORLD SERIES!

2. French fries on all sandwiches and salads.  This should be included in the national dietary guidelines.  Awesome use of a potato!

3. Four seasons.  Maybe not so much this winter, but typically, we have beautiful snow in the winter, a pleasant spring, a tolerable summer heat, and a crisp wonderful autumn!  The same weather all year round would be so boring.

4. For my career, Pittsburgh is one of the top 5 cities in the country (and possibly the world) for regenerative medicine. We have a hub of amazing scientists in this cityand all are so collegial.  There is a great atmosphere here in the city for biomedical research.

5. Local attractions:  Seven Springs, Kennywood, Idlewild….all wonderful places to enjoy with your family.

6. The people in Pittsburgh are very friendly and helpful.  Pittsburgh has a midwestern hospitality, but yet the culture of an Eastern city.

7. The rivers.  They are great for summer boating, water skiing, the Regatta, and fishing.

8. The restaurants.  There are many great restaurants throughout the city, and all cultures are represented: Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Indian, American, Taiwanese, Korean, Mexican, Greek……a melting pot of delicious foods!

9. The University of Pittsburgh.  Perhaps the best college in the country!  I am so fortunate that my children will be able to attend this great school.  (Even if they won’t be majoring in anything remotely science-related!)

10. Finally, family and friends.  Nearly all Gribbins and Marras are within 20 miles of us, just the way we like it!  And my BFFs are just a quick car ride away, even my friends in the North Hills!

Have a great day!



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