Blog #4 Shut Up, Geico Lizard

Blog #4  Shut Up, Geico Lizard


Warning: I am a little crabby today.  Hence the title.  The title could also be “Shut Up, Mark Madden.”  They both annoy me.  About the lizard though, isn’t all of America sick of this stupid Australian talking gecko?  It may have been cute 20 years ago or whenever it first came out, but now it’s just annoying.

So what is today’s real topic?  Instead of complaining, I’m going to try to be inspiring.  I received word from the NIH that yet another one of my grants was not funded.  Major bummer.  But I have to stay positive.  I owe it to my lab members, to my family, to my friends.  You can’t let some bad news get you down for long.  I allow myself one hour for self-pity, then I reorganize, revitalize, reenergize and work on a new plan.  I often ponder the familiar phrases: “By learning how to deal with disappointment, we can really appreciate the good times” and “You must experience sadness to appreciate happiness.”

Is that true, though?  Can we relate that to many aspects of our lives?  Do we have to see a bad movie to enjoy a good movie?  Do we have to read a poorly written book to appreciate a well-written book?   Maybe yes, maybe no.  Definitely my family is more appreciative of a good meal after they’ve recently been served a bad meal by me!

I strongly feel that positive energy can be contagious, and we should focus on sharing our positive energy.

Have a good day, everyone (and for real, shut up you goofy lizard!)



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